Certified Trauma Support Specialist LIVE WEBINAR

Wednesday, Jul 8, 2020 – Thursday, Jul 9, 2020

8:30am – 4:30pm

This 12 hour training is designed to enhance non-clinical care professional’s knowledge and skills to support the healing process for those they care for who struggle because of a history of trauma and adversity. Learn the essential information and skills to help trauma survivors recover fully from the events of their past.  Those that care will increase their ability to use the active ingredients that are vital and fundamental to effective recovery and resilience of a trauma history.   The program objectives upon which this training will focus are:

  1. Understanding how to have high quality deliberate relationships with co-works, clients and your own family.
  2. Improving your ability to respect and believe in others, regardless of their emotion, thinking and behavior.
  3. Increased ability to create a growth oriented environment characterized as nurturing, open, accepting while promoting high ethical standards.
  4. More focus on managing one’s self than trying to control others.
  5. Greater ability to encourage and empower others to live their values and have integrity.

Who should attend:

Case managers, Case workers, Foster parents, Parents, Teachers, Nurses, Daycare workers, Social workers

This course meets the educational requirements for the Certified Trauma Support Specialist certification available through the Trauma Institute International.

This training is not eligible for NBCC credits.

Please note that you must participate in the Live Webinar on a computer or laptop, NOT a phone. The system keeps track of each person attending the Live Webinar and how long they attended. Your attendance cannot be tracked on a phone, so it will appear that you did not attend, thus, you would not be eligible to receive a Certificate of Completion. In addition, you must attend for the duration of the Live Webinar to receive your Certificate of Completion.

Presenter: Roderick Logan, DPTh, CCTS, CFTP, FFTT

Dr. Roderick Logan believes, and his life’s work reflects, that human suffering is not a fate to be borne, but a challenge to be overcome. He is a Senior Faculty member at the Arizona Trauma Institute, also known as the Trauma Institute International. For more than 35 years, he has worked with men, women, and young people from all walks of life, providing counseling and education; guiding them to reclaim life’s purpose and meaning. Dr. Logan is a Certified Clinical Trauma Specialist, a Certified Family Trauma Professional, and a certified facilitator in Forward-Facing Trauma Therapy.

At his heart, Roderick is a teacher fighting ignorance and apathy. He believes those who teach and train others need to be taught and trained themselves. Roderick’s teachers and mentors include; Dr. Robert Rhoton, Dr. Eric Gentry, and Dr. Bruce Perry. His experiences include working with and advocating for children, young people, parents, educators, professional and non-professional caregivers; from juveniles in lockup at California’s Youth Authority in the early 80’s to more recent work with the Arizona Department of Child Safety, the Arizona Department of Corrections, and multiple community service organizations serving at risk populations. Dr. Logan’s prolific platform coupled with his training uniquely qualifies him as an authority on trauma-informed care, principles for resiliency building, and pathways for living the optimum life.

Roderick and his wife, Melody, have been married for more than 40 years. Together they raised two sons and a daughter and have eight grandchildren. Roderick holds that the core of self-regulation and self-care is found in one’s practice of self-reflection, consequently he is known among family and friends as, “the man in a rowboat rowing backwards into the future.”

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Certified Trauma Support Specialist

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Live Webinar

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