Lunch and Learn: Motivational Phone Calls

Monday, Dec 17, 2018

11:30am – 12:30pm

Course Description:

Join Dr. Scott Sells, Crystal Krueger, LMFT, CCTSF, and Camea Peca PHD (C) in a discussion on how to Engage Parents and Children in Trauma Treatment Using Motivational Phone Calls.

Treatment should begin with the first phone call. But unfortunately, this call is only used to set up the initial intake appointment or provide reminder calls. In sharp contrast, the Motivational Phone Call Technique is a manualized 15 to 20 minute, 7-question script that uses strength-based questions to quickly build rapport between the therapist and client before the first session. Using this technique, parents and children will experience what is called a “soft start-up” and enter trauma treatment with higher show rates and greater readiness to change.

The MI Phone call live webinar will apply the information to multiple concrete situations and how it can be adapted to clients with special needs (i.e. lower cognitive abilities) or different contexts – in person vs. the phone.

Course Learning Objectives

Participants who complete this course will be able to:

  1. Apply the 7-question MI Phone Call Script to your own clients the next day at work
  2. Learn how the MI Phone creates a soft up to treatment vs. the traditional harsh start-up
  3. Listen to audio excepts from actual MI Phone Calls and identify the key moments of change
  4. Learn the techniques of “stick and move” and “closing statements” to enhance the MI Call
  5. Discover how the MI Phone synchronizes with Prochaska’s Readiness to Change research
  6. Adapt the MI Phone Call technique to different client setting and cultures

Arizona Trauma Institute is approved by the National Board for Certified Counselors (NBCC) to grant Continuing education credit for live workshops.  ACEP number is 6677. CE Hours Awarded: 1

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