Making Space to Foster or Adopt – What Every Parent Should Know Before Live Webinar

Thursday, Aug 22, 2019

8:30am – 4:30pm

Training Description 

What would you want to know before you make a life changing decision? If your next choice was to effect not only you, but all those close to you and the lives of others as well, what would you need to know? “Making Space to Foster or Adopt,” takes an in-depth look at the impact that fostering and adoption has on parents, would-be parents, children, extended family, friends, social structures, religious faith, school relations, and a family’s sense of well-being. One of the most frequent statements parents make following a heart-wrenching placement disruption is, “I didn’t sign up for this.” This workshop provides up front insights into what every parent should know before accepting placement.

This training is not eligible for NBCC credits.


Dr. Roderick Logan believes and his life’s work reflects that human suffering is not a fate to be borne, but a challenge to be overcome. He is a certified trauma specialist and works routinely with foster and adoptive parents, grieving families dealing with loss, and caregivers seeking to become trauma informed. He holds a Master’s in Biblical Counseling and a Doctorate in Practical Theology. His trauma certifications CFTP and CCTSF are with ATI and IATP. Additionally, Dr. Logan is an Ordained Minister.

At the heart, Roderick is a teacher fighting ignorance and apathy; an information specialist to whom parents and professionals often look to for insight, a spiritual perspective, and a pragmatic point-of-view. His array of professional services include educator, counselor, coach, mentor, and advocate. Since 1981, Dr. Logan’s talents have found expression in industries of transportation, broadcasting, state government, mega-church, and child and family welfare. Whether in the classroom, small group, or private session, Roderick’s intention is to create a safe holding environment from which others can regulate and begin showing up for their own rescue.

Roderick and his wife, Melody, have been married for 38 years. Together they raised two sons and a daughter and have eight grandchildren. Among family and friends Roderick is known as, “the man in a rowboat rowing backwards into the future.”

Event Location

Live Webinar

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$ 50.00