Prenatal Trauma: Raising Children Who Have Been Exposed to Trauma In-Utero Live Webinar

Wednesday, Aug 28, 2019 – Thursday, Aug 29, 2019

8:30am – 4:30pm

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CE Hours Awarded: 12

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Course Description

Develop a better understanding and comprehension of the impact of in-utero substance exposure on neurodevelopment, sensory needs, and attachment with children from toddler to teen years. Learn ways to help children who have been exposed in-utero through caring for their whole needs, such as sensory integration, understanding behavior and ways to effectively discipline, and needs unique to these children.


Comparative look at impact of marijuana, cocaine, alcohol and methamphetamine in-utero exposure
Understanding the impact of in-utero exposure has on self-regulation
Review neuro-deficits on children exposed in-utero
Review sensory integration needs of children exposed in-utero                                                          Review behavioral concerns associated with in-utero exposure
Understanding the risk factors of children exposed to substances in-utero
Understand cognitive challenges
Building behavioral resilience
Building self-regulation; and
Interactive practice in working with/parenting children with in-utero substance exposure

CE Credits

Credits listed below are for full attendance of the live webinar.  After attendance has been verified, attendees will receive an email from Arizona Trauma Institute with the subject line, “Evaluation and Certificate” within one week.  This email will contain a link to complete the evaluation.  Once the evaluation is complete you will receive a second email containing the certificate of completion.

CE Hours Awarded: 18

Training Presenter

Camea has spent over 15 years working with Children and Families in a vast range of settings both locally and abroad. After completing a Bachelor of Science at ASU, Camea spent 10 years abroad studying and working. During this time, she completed a MSc in Psychoanalytic Development Psychology at the Anna Freud Center/University College London including a dissertation in Sensory Integration Therapy and Tactile and Vestibular Processing Disorder. During this training Camea was trained by leaders in attachment and infant development including Dr. Peter Fonagy and Mary Target. She later completed a Graduate Diploma in the Application of Arts in Therapy and Education and an additional Graduate Diploma in Child Counselling using the Expressive Arts at the Institute for Arts and Therapy in Education London. As a part of this training Camea had the chance to work with the Child Center for Mental Health and participating in specialty training with leaders in the expressive arts as well as Sir Richard Bowlby, Dr. Dan Hughes, Dr. Bessel van der Kolk, Dr. Bruce Perry, and many others. She completed clinical training and supervision in the Expressive Arts with Dr. Margot Sunderland and the Helping Where It Hurts program which puts expressive arts therapists in inner city London schools. Camea is trained in the use of all 7 Expressive Arts modalities and has completed her own experiential work in each modality. Camea is has completed the taught portion of her PhD in Psychology with an emphasis on Cognition and Instruction, she is currently completing her dissertation work with Foster Parents and the relationship between Interoception, Attachment and Parenting Stress.

Professionally Camea has worked in a variety of setting including adolescent shelters, inpatient psychiatric units, schools and specialty projects targeting physical and sexualized trauma. Additionally, she has a led a specialty project and professional steering group for Young Carers in inner city London, served as the Child Development Specialist and Lead trainer for Baby Sensory in the USA, and more recently developed and led Executive Functioning training for Executive Functioning coaches in the Valley. For over two years Camea has worked as a Trauma Therapist in a local specialty service targeting children and families that have experienced sexual abuse. Camea specializes in work with very young children and their families and has extensive experience with early developmental trauma and attachment based therapy using the expressive arts and sensory based modalities. She also has used play and the arts to develop a unique approach to the development of Executive Function in children who have experienced trauma. Camea uses her eclectic and wide range of international training and clinical experience to deliver dynamic and experiential training exclusively for Arizona Trauma Institute.

Event Location

Live Webinar

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$ 170.00