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Arizona Trauma Institute provides a foundation in contemporary trauma theory and practice which includes the latest contributions in neurobiology and attachment theory. Our focus is on seeing each client as a whole person who has a possibility for growth and a positive life. We also provide self-development courses and support to clinicians, para-professionals, and supervisors.

Arizona Trauma Institute trains professionals and para-professionals to assess and treat trauma while utilizing regulated trauma therapies to improve the overall outcome. All of our trainings and consultations are trauma and resiliency informed. They also share a common thread of the impact of trauma on the nervous system, behavior, and family dynamics as well as resilience restoration throughout the healing process.  If there is a training class below you would like to provide for your organization please fill out request a training form.

Home Study Online Training

The courses listed below are designed for those who want to complete their studies entirely online.  These courses are self-paced and learners can enroll at anytime.

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All Others

Prenatal Exposure to Trauma and Substance Use 10 hrs
Body Based Self-Regulation – Somatic Techniques in Therapy 9 hrs
Cultural Humility, Curiosity, and Collaborativeness 5.5 hrs
Stepping Into a Future Free of Historical Trauma 10 hrs
Trauma and Dissociation: A Clinical Approach 8 hrs
Trauma and The Sensory System 9.5 hours
Adolescent Sexual Misconduct From a Trauma-Informed Lens 9.5 hrs
Treating the Effects of Childhood Sexual Abuse and Incest 5.5 hours
Trauma and Inflammation 5 hrs
Trauma and Childhood Obesity 4.5 hrs
Trauma, Attachment and Eating Disorders 4 hrs
Counselor Ethics, Liability and Risk Management 4 hrs
Suicide Risk Assessment & Intervention in Clinical Practice 5 hrs
Hit & Kiss: Attachment and Intimate Violence 6 hrs
Parenting The Traumatized Child 2 hrs
Mental Health Needs of Law Enforcement 6 hrs
Trauma-Informed Skills for Dealing With Traumatized Youth 2 hrs
The Neuroscience of Attachment 4.5 hours
Loving Them is Not Enough: What Every Parent Should Know 5 hrs
Building Resilience in Youth 6 hrs


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