Advanced Certified Clinical Trauma Specialist

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This course meets the educational requirements for the Advanced Certified Clinical Trauma Specialist (ACCTS) certification available through the Trauma Institute International.
24 CE Hours

Advanced Training for Trauma Treatment of Complex PTSD
While the focus of the CCTS-I was to acquire the basic skills for treating post-traumatic stress, the focus of Complex PTSD training is acquiring skills for effectively treating those challenging clients with complex post-traumatic stress, or C-PTSD. C-PTSD can present with a myriad of difficult symptoms including intense abreactions/flashbacks; severe “depression-like” shutdown and avoidance; dissociation; relational difficulties and challenges; chronic emotional and somatic dysregulation; chronic pain; and psychotic symptoms. This course provides comprehensive presentation of clinical skills for screening/assessing, stabilizing, skills-building, and treating complex post-traumatic stress in all its challenging presentations. Focusing upon working in a tri-phasic model, the participant will learn how to titrate treatment to minimize discomfort and crises while, at once, accelerating treatment gains in early, mid and latter stages of treatment. The course provides a balance of current evidence/science-based interventions and protocols paired with experiential practice wisdom from clinicians who have successfully worked with population for decades. Participants completing this course will discover a newfound sense of competency and excitement for working with these clients who, in the past, have baffled even seasoned clinicians.

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This Certification is intended for the professional who has an existing knowledge about trauma and an overview of trauma treatment modalities (CCTS-I Certified Clinical Trauma Specialist for individuals or the CCTS-F Certified Clinical Trauma Specialist for Family) or it’s equivalent. The Advanced certification builds from that foundation and adds skills and tools designed to promote trauma healing.

Advanced Certified Clinical Trauma Specialist ACCTS