Certified Clinical Trauma Specialist – Trauma & Addiction

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Course Description

This training will provide a basic review of trauma, exploring how trauma is created and stored in the brain, body and nervous system.  Fundamental information provided regarding how substances and their long- and short-term effects help people deal with trauma symptoms in the form of mitigating and adapting behaviors.  Training includes exploration of motivation and meaning behind behaviors related to addiction and recovery from addiction.  Attendees will also receive thorough overview of various types of compulsions and addictions as well as biology and predisposition to addiction. Training will provide explanation of the culture of addiction and treatment, a focus on moving from a pathogenic approach of treating addiction to a salutogenic approach. Finally, the discussion will look at current assessment tools and treatment processes for addiction offering insight and direction on how to enhance trauma informed delivery.


Learning Objectives

  1. Participants will demonstrate an enhanced focus on self-regulation and engage in practice of self-regulation tools to be utilized for nervous system regulation.
  2. Participants will demonstrate understanding of medicated assisted treatment, peer support and recovery support groups and be able to discuss how these treatments and tools impact addiction.
  3. Participants will discuss how trauma is reflective of changes in the brain, nervous system and body and explore how the threat response system changes the chemistry of the body thus impacting thinking, feeling and behaving.
  4. Participants will explore Adverse Childhood Experiences data and understand impact of ACEs on health outcomes and adaptive/mitigating behaviors through creation of procedural memory.
  5. Participants will be able to explain how to support resiliency and competency in recovery from trauma and addiction, and how to support resiliency and competency via treatment delivery and assessment.
  6. Participants will identify evidence-based treatment interventions for substance use disorders/addiction and co-occurring disorders and explore use of active ingredients approach for trauma healing.
  7. Participants will understand cultural humility and cultural competency with expanded ability to offer services to diverse and minority populations through trauma informed and inclusive treatment approaches.
  8. Participants will differentiate between Salutogenic and Pathogenic approaches to treatment and utilize case studies to gain a better understanding of positive treatment outcomes using Salutogenic model.

This training meets the educational requirements to apply for the Certified Clinical Trauma Specialist – Addiction (CCTS-A) certification available through the Trauma Institute International.

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