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EMOTICONS India is a psychological counselling, testing, training and research centre, run by professional psychologists and psychotherapists. The organization believes in providing research-based services, using the standard psychological practices, tailored to every individual’s age, unique background and needs.

EMOTICONS India is known for its various certificate courses in counselling, psychotherapy and research, being conducted across India. It also constructs and conducts a range of psychological assessments. It provides its services to various sectors, like schools, NGO’s and corporates.

EMOTICONS India works on varied preventive and curative programs. One such research based, positive, preventive, psychological health education program is Self-E (Self Enhancement). Self-E is India’s first ever program developed for children and adolescents, based on various psychological therapies and techniques.

Vision: We at EMOTICONS India aspire to reach to all and enrich emotional health and personal growth.

Mission: To foster hope and healing of individuals with our holistic understanding of human behaviour by promoting standard psychological practices.

Our standard services include, but are not restricted to:

  • Trainings and Workshops
    • Postgraduate Course in Counseling Psychology
    • Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy
    • Beck’s Cognitive Therapy
    • Play Therapy
    • Research Methodology and Statistical Analysis
    • Psychometric Test Construction
    • Case Taking and Mental Status Examination
  • Counseling / Psychotherapy
    • Individual Counseling
    • Couple Counseling
    • Family Counseling
    • Child Counseling
    • Corporate Counseling
  • Psychological Testing
    • Personality Testing
    • Aptitude Testing
    • Intelligence Testing
    • Attitude Testing
  • Research Consultancy