Trauma Competency for the 21stCentury: The Active Ingredient Salutogenic Approach (Paperback Edition)



This groundbreaking new guide was written specifically for therapists, psychologists, and clinicians to assist clients suffering from chronic stress/PTSD by implementing an innovative, salutogenic (strengths – and resource-based) philosophy into their daily therapy work. First, the book identifies four active ingredients that should be present in all trauma treatment-followed by the Empowerment and Resilience Structure treatment manual, which pinpoints the critical components and baseline standards for the field of trauma counseling that are not model dependent, and are designed for immediate application.

Trauma Competency for the 21st Century is inspired by the salutogenic approach to treatment: working with wellness factors (those that support health and well-being) rather than those that cause disease. The goal is to empower the client through a renewed belief in their own abilities, capacities, and resiliencies, and to instill a genuine hope for a future marked by healing and fulfillment.