Promotion of Social Justice

social justice words from classTrauma Informed or Sensitive Care has been a political buzz-phrase. Based on scientific research and development, this paradigm shift requires consideration of a person within the context of their environmental upbringing. This shift requires understanding the person’s physiological state, the contributing factors which perpetuate the patterns of behavior, and the culture which facilitates healing. This is if we as a culture desire change. We will get more of the same outcomes of if we continue the punitive practices that we are participating in both in our justice and health care systems.

Arizona Trauma Institute is a place where those who are interested in learning more about how to become agents of change can participate in professional development that will allow them to become agents of change. We participate actively in evolving the systems of care and encourage access to quality Master Healer Communities for all segments of service delivery. We serve as a public voice on behalf of the Master Healing Community.

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