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Zanthe Ng, LPC, CCTS-I


Hello, I’m Zanthe Ng. Hailing from the vibrant city of Singapore, I’m a seasoned psychotherapist in practice since 2013, dedicated to the profound process of working on trauma and transformation, and collaborating closely with Third Culture Individuals and Asian families, building connections and understanding along the way. I also have the privilege of delivering lectures on counselling at institutes of higher education in Asia. Navigating trauma within an Asian context requires a deep respect for familial ties and cultural values. I stand here as a support, offering individuals and families a path to healing that integrates their unique cultural perspectives. I look forward to connecting with you and collectively building a future where healing, compassion, and growth are accessible to all.

嗨,大家好,我是Zanthe Ng。我来自热闹的新加坡城市。我从2013年开始就是一名经验丰富的心理治疗师,专注于处理创伤和变革的重要过程。同时,我也和第三文化背景的个体以及亚洲家庭紧密合作,通过这样的合作,我们一路上建立了更多联系和理解。



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