Trauma & Resilience Life Coach

The Arizona Trauma Institute is offering a comprehensive trauma and resiliency life coaching certification program. This program has been created and tested to provide a foundation of transformation for those that have a history of trauma, toxic stress, and repetitive adversity.  Arizona Trauma Institute uses a Salutogenic, or Asset-Focused approach to increase individual thriving and increase optimal and well-being.

The benefits to the coach:

  • Know how trauma manifests in your clients
  • Have practical skills to educate and help clients understand they are not broken or crazy, just having predictable responses
  • Recognize trauma in the many masked forms that appear in clients, and know competently how to make sense of those masked forms
  • Know practical, science-based ways to promote transformation, thus increase personal confidence in your work

Process for registration:

  • This program is done in cohorts of no more than 25 per section. When you register you will get links, but the course has a specific start and end date for each cohort.
  • The educational material will be found in Arizona Trauma Institute’s online course platform.
  • The course is 6 months in length
  • Each week there is an educational part and a practice part. Each practice part includes:
    1. A 60-minute group implementation and application mentoring/coaching session via Zoom
    2. Assignments that are posted in the Facebook page for the course
    3. You will be commenting on other participants posts as well
    4. Questions and answers and other resources will be provided by the instructor
  • A Facebook account is required for participation in live mentoring sessions and for assignments.

Withdrawal/Refund/Cancellation Policy: 

  • If at any point after it starts you wish to withdraw from the Trauma & Resilience Life Coach program, we will charged an administrative fee which will be subtracted from your total potential refund amount. You will be refunded any potential unearned amount as reflected by the number of weeks attended and remaining. This policy will not consider how far you have advanced with the video lectures. You will be automatically withdrawn from the entire program.
  • This is an irreversible decision, and if you would like to resume the coaching program you will need to re-enroll altogether.
    If you choose to withdraw at any point, you will lose access to the online training materials, lectures, and benefits accrued.

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