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Why pursue certification as a Clinical Trauma Specialist?

  • Rapidly expanding research and new insights into the brain, body, and memory raise new issues that challenge traditional models of therapy.
  • Currently, existing treatment methods are ineffective for 25-50% of clients being treated for PTSD and stress-related disorders.
  • These ineffective models are estimated to cost nearly 43 billion dollars annually.
  • Stand out from the rest and have a reputation for bringing transformation and healing to your clients.


You can register today.

  • Learn simple, scientific, and straightforward ways to include the brain, body, and memory of your clients in the treatment of your trauma clients.
  • Build your skills and reputation as a clinical leader in your community and provide life-changing transformation for your clients
  • Taking this training will help you champion positive changes in the lives of your clients. Enroll today in the CCTS-I course and experience a jump in your professional skills.
  • Learn the current, science-based ways to treat trauma effectively.


✓ Do you want to become more confident in your work with traumatized clients?

✓ Have you often felt lost or struggled with what to do next with your trauma clients?

✓ Do you want to be known for your excellence and expertise with trauma clients?

△ If these things are important to you, we invite you to join us in our next training.


Our Clinical Trauma Specialist Training will equip you to be successful.

  • Expand your potential; become a CERTIFIED CLINICAL TRAUMA SPECIALIST for Individuals. 

Click HERE to view the upcoming schedule & enroll in this class.


Looking For Training?

If there is a training class you need for your organization please fill out the “request a training” form.

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