PPL: Past Painful Learning

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PPL: Past Painful Learning

PPL: Past Painful Learning inflicts all of us. In one moment we feel safe and we are engaging with the world, then a trigger occurs…Our present is interrupted by sentiments, scenes, smells, sounds, or sensations of the past. One or more of which transports our awareness through a time tunnel into a place of darkness and despair. Here we find our brain in one time zone and our body in another. Our brain, in its imagined world, tells us to react with an urgency to survive. Our body, that stayed back in the real world, begins behaving in ways that comprises our integrity, undermines our relationships, and makes communicating difficult.

What a person feels in any given moment is the biggest and loudest influencer on what they see, hear, think, and believe. Behavior is most often just an automatic reaction to this time-traveling influence. What is this infliction? It is, PPL: past painful learning. What is the cure?


  1. At least one secure, non-judging, non-shaming, stable person with whom you are consistently connected.
  2. Learning how to mature your perceptions while keeping your body optimally relaxed.
  3. To reduce intensity, duration, and frequency of triggers, repeat steps 1 and 2; again, again, again.



Written By Roderick Logan

Dr. Roderick Logan is a Senior Faculty member and Director of Organizational Programs at the Arizona Trauma Institute. As well, he is Senior Faculty at the Trauma Institute International. He also provides consulting through his Making Space to Heal company.


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