Certified Clinical Trauma Specialist- Individual

Course Description

Continuing Education Hours: 20

The Certified Clinical Trauma Specialist–Individual (CCTS-I) is a 20-hour training designed to give the participant a working knowledge of how to engage in the process of trauma treatment. This training is designed for licensed clinicians and individuals with a Masters in mental-health related field. Focusing not only on interventions, but how to sequence the interventions to maximize outcomes. The participant will be eligible for certification with the Trauma Institute International at the end of this training. This training is designed to improve the quality of treatment for those that have experienced trauma. This training also focuses on the active ingredients – the things that are common factors that help all treatment work become better and work more efficiently.

Learning Objectives

  • Compare and contrast evidence-based-interventions, common factors, and emerging trends for effective treatment of traumatic stress
  • Identify the common factors for healing traumatic stress
  • Comprehend the importance of therapeutic relationship and positive expectancy (relational factors) for positive outcomes in treatment
  • Articulate the role of reciprocal inhibition, relaxation, self-regulation, exposure and narrative in the treatment of traumatic stress
  • Understand concept and procedure for enhancing therapeutic relationship as method for increasing positive outcomes
  • Appreciate the potential deleterious personal effects associated with treating traumatic stress

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