Online Training Classes

Online Training Classes

Arizona Trauma Institute provides a foundation in contemporary trauma theory and practice which includes the latest contributions in neurobiology and attachment theory. Our focus is on seeing each client as a whole person who has a possibility for growth and a positive life. We also provide self-development courses and support to clinicians, para-professionals, and supervisors.

Arizona Trauma Institute trains professionals and para-professionals to assess and treat trauma while utilizing regulated trauma therapies to improve the overall outcome. All of our trainings and consultations are trauma and resiliency informed. They also share a common thread of the impact of trauma on the nervous system, behavior, and family dynamics as well as resilience restoration throughout the healing process.  If there is a training class below you would like to provide for your organization please fill out request a training form.

Arizona Trauma Institute meets the criteria of the Arizona Board of Behavioral Health Examiners to provide Continuing Education Hours for online clinical trainings. These courses do not provide NBCC credit.

CCPA and GDPR Disclaimer: all personal information is considered private and confidential and Arizona Trauma Institute never provides the information to a third party or uses the information for anything other than its intended purposes for training registration.

Home Study Online Training

The courses listed below are designed for those who want to complete their studies entirely online.  These courses are self-paced and learners can enroll at anytime.

Certification | All Other

Certification Trainings

Certified Clinical Trauma Specialist- Individual (CCTS-I) 20 hrs 
Certified Clinical Trauma Specialist – Family (CCTS-F) 15 hrs
Certified Trauma Support Specialist (CTSS 2023 version) – 11 hrs
Certified Clinical Trauma Specialist – Trauma & Addiction 10 hrs
Certified Clinical Trauma Specialist – Prenatal Trauma 20 hrs
Advanced Certified Clinical Trauma Specialist 19 hrs
Advanced Certified Clinical Trauma Specialist – Trauma and Addiction 9 hrs
Certified Clinical Trauma Specialist – Sex Trafficking and Exploitation 18 hrs
Certified Functional Medicine and Trauma Specialist 38.5 hrs
Certified Multichannel Eye Movement Integration Practitioner 1 – 9.5 hrs
American Sign Language Version – Certified Multichannel Eye Movement Integration Practitioner 1 (CMEMIP-1) – 10.5 hrs
Certified Multichannel Eye Movement Integration for Life Coaches (CMEMI-C) 12 hrs

Certified Resilience Professional (formerly Certified Psychological and Emotional Resilience Professional C-PERP) – contact 

All Others

Overcoming Compassion Fatigue with Professional Resiliency 6 hrs
After the Crisis, the 4 Absolutes of Treating Acute Stress 4.5 hrs
The 5 Pillars of Growth and Resilience 5.5 hrs
Somatic and Body-Based Self-Regulation – Somatic Techniques in Therapy 9 hrs
The 6 Essentials to Treating Developmental Disorders and Trauma 5 hrs
A Framework for Trauma-Responsive Faith Communities 3.5 hrs
The 5 Skills for Succeeding in Working with Neurodivergent Clients with Trauma 4.5 hrs
Clinical Documentation Regulations and Best Practices 2.5 hrs
An Introduction to Healing with Trauma-Informed Yoga 6 hrs
Non-Pharmacological Approaches to Chronic Pain 2.5 hrs
Shame – Clinical Implications for Treatment 5.5 hrs
CBT – Narrative Exposure Therapy 6 hrs
Mental Health First Aid 5 hrs
Cultural Humility, Curiosity, and Collaborativeness 5.5 hrs
Stepping Into a Future Free of Historical Trauma 10 hrs
Trauma and Dissociation: A Clinical Approach 8 hrs
Trauma-Informed Healing for LGBTQIA+ Communities 7.5 hrs
Trauma and The Sensory System 9.5 hrs
Health and Wellness for Trauma: Sleep, Nutrition, Movement, and Stress Management 5 hrs
Adolescent Sexual Misconduct From a Trauma-Informed Lens 9.5 hrs
Treating the Effects of Childhood Sexual Abuse and Incest 8.5 hrs
Motivating Traumatized Clients (2022 Version) 5 hrs
Creating Safety and Stability 6.5 hrs
Trauma and Inflammation 5 hrs
Trauma and Childhood Obesity 4.5 hrs
Trauma, Attachment and Eating Disorders 4.5 hrs
Ethical Considerations and Best Practices 3 hrs
Suicide Risk Assessment and Intervention in Clinical Practice 5 hrs
Hit & Kiss: Attachment and Intimate Violence 5 hrs
Parenting Traumatized Children 2 hrs
Mental Health Needs of Law Enforcement 6 hrs
The Neuroscience of Attachment 5.5 hours
Loving Them is Not Enough: What Every Parent Should Know 5 hrs

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