Our Treatment Structure

The Arizona Trauma Institute promotes the Empowerment and Resiliency Treatment Structure. This approach to treatment of trauma has multiple benefits:

  • Improves quality of care provided
  • Improves long-term treatment outcomes
  • Improves clinical governance
  • Improves clinical competence and supervision
  • Improves consistency of services and treatments
  • Minimizes risks that would come from having inexperienced staff
  • Includes trauma informed care and trauma sensitive treatment
  • Reduces costs due to improved process with consistency of treatment
  • Helps build a cohesive work force
  • Builds familiar and predictable patterns for staff and clients
  • Improves interactions between different skill levels of a diverse work force (minimizing clinical ignorance)
  • Improves treatment team communication
  • Enhances and supports formal, legally recognized assessment tools (CAPS, CANS-T, MMPI, etc.)
  • Increases client confidence in treatment, helping client engagement

Empowerment and Resiliency treatment structure is organized into four distinct stages:

  • Relationship building for therapeutic alliance
  • Psycho education and self-regulation skills
  • Trauma resolution and monitoring
  • Post-traumatic growth and resiliency building