Certified Multichannel Eye Movement Integration Practitioner 1

Course Description

Continuing Education Hours: 9.5

This course traces the history of Multichannel Eye Movement Integration (MEMI) from its roots in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) theory to its current form as an effective multi-use therapy for PTSD and lesser traumas. Unlike other eye movement therapies, MEMI’s origins are clear. The course begins with a review of current trauma science and explores historical trends in trauma treatment. Attendees receive practical instruction in the use of MEMI’s: 1.) expanded 10-step protocol; 2.) comprehensive procedures; 3.) scripts and tips for therapists; 4.) assessment techniques (Intensity Scale, SUD Scale and PCL-5); 5.) eye movements: and 6.) worksheet for recording session results. A videotape of an actual treatment session, combined with case studies and multiple examples of situations encountered. In client sessions amplify the instruction provided.

Learning Objectives

  • Explain two reasons why ANS dysregulation impedes trauma treatment.
  • Describe the MEMI Theoretical Model’s four elements and describe its orgins.
  • Describe and demonstrate how to anchor a resource state.
  • Demonstrate how to establish therapeutic dissociation.
  • Perform the four MEMI eye movement sets with vocalizations.
  • Identify and describe two techniques for safely interrupting abreactions.

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