Trauma and Inflammation

Course Description

Continuing Education Hours: 5

This is a training course for clinical and non-clinical care professionals looking to enhance their knowledge of self-care practices and expand their tools for use in the mental health field. This course is designed to provide participants with an overview of systemic inflammation and the effect of trauma on the body. The trainer will present research on how trauma is related to the development of inflammation with an emphasis on chronic illness and trauma recovery. Participants will learn the steps necessary to prepare a client who suffers from trauma and inflammation for treatment utilizing nutrition, lifestyle modification, and trauma processing. The session will conclude with an overview of potential next steps and treatment prioritization as well as protocols and assessment measures for beginning assessment and treatment.

Learning Objectives

  • Participants will be able to identify factors that contribute to inflammation
  • Participants will gain a clearer understanding of the relationship between trauma and inflammation
  • Participants will learn how to use new health research to support client goals
  • Participants will learn about different nutritional and lifestyle modalities to support mental health goals
  • Participants will be able to identify how inflammation affects how clients show up in therapy
  • Participants will be able to identify protocols for reducing inflammation to support nervous system regulation

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