Transcendent Leadership

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Transcendent Leadership

When coming face to face with our vulnerabilities or and in the aftermath of a major setback in our plans, there is a stark difference between surviving and recovering. To fully process and benefit from what is happening, we need transcendent leadership.
This is a call for leadership that is more attuned to restoring and building hope, than applying trite aphorisms.
When confidence has taken a nosedive, team members need stable, secure influencers who bring constructive, insightful assessments, instead of focusing on deficits and assigning blame.
When all gains seem lost and the way forward is full of ambiguity, knowing where, why, and how you have a place in the big picture is more than important, it is critically essential.
Confidence will rise and fall, but if competence is going to grow and increase, we cannot afford to abandon the mission. We must continue learning how to take action, to act better, to act wiser, and to act with accountability — for ourselves and for others.
Reactive leadership expects their teams to be the best — competing. Transcendent leadership shows everyone how to be their best — complementing.



Written By Roderick Logan

Dr. Roderick Logan is a Senior Faculty member and Director of Organizational Programs at the Arizona Trauma Institute. As well, he is Senior Faculty at the Trauma Institute International. He also provides consulting through his Making Space to Heal company.


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