Terrorizing children to make their parents behave?

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Terrorizing children to make their parents behave?

I am deeply concerned about America, the America I grew to maturity within has changed significantly.  As a people we have always been compassionate, did we make bad choices and let ego and hubris interrupt that compassion at times?  Yes, we have, and afterward, there emerged a refining of law and an increasing of consciousness.  Because of this history of compassion arising, my usual stance is to advocate change, try to live the message of a hopeful tomorrow and acknowledge that I and all other humans are imperfect beings.  However, the times we are entering are a departure from that compassionate history.  America the callous has emerged, when the strong and powerful country actively distresses children by separating them from their parents and using the separation as a punishment to achieve energetic compliance to rules and law by the parents.  Then that powerful country is already failing, essentially saying we have no other strategy than that emotional torture of children to gain compliance and acquiescence from their parents.  I know these are politically sensitive times, there must be a better answer than to use children as a foil, children who quite possibly will bear the emotional scars of a powerful political force using them as pawns in a political game.   How much hate and loathing is America engendering in youth by using them as the whip to gain control of their parents.  I do not see this leading to peace or resolution but to a heightening of discontent and belligerence toward America by peoples around the world that have looked to us for compassion and as a bright light of hope.

Robert Rhoton Psy D., LPC, D.A.A.E.T.S.
CEO of Arizona Trauma Institute, LLC

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