Brian Simmons, MA, LPC, CH, EMDR Advanced & EFT Practitioner

Brian Simmons, MA, LPC, CH, EMDR Advanced & EFT Practitioner

Certified Clinical Trauma Professional - Individual; Certified Clinical Trauma Professional - Family; Certified Clinical Trauma Professional - Sex Trafficking/Instructor

Brian Simmons is a Licensed Professional Counselor in the State of Texas specializing in stress & trauma related disorders. Brian currently co-owns a counseling practice and a consulting business with his wife in Southlake, Texas. One area of primary focus is first responders, and first responder related stress. Brian holds three certifications in the field of trauma and utilizes EMDR, EFT, and Hypnosis in his holistic approach to treating stress related disorders. Brian and his wife have three training courses: Sex Trafficking and Sex Industry Exploitation (Certified Clinical Trauma Specialist), Neurophysiology and The Stress Response, Mental Health Needs of Law Enforcement. These training courses have collectively been used to train mental health professionals and paraprofessionals across the US and in multiple nations worldwide. Brian also serves as an adjunct instructor at the Arizona Trauma Institute. Brian and his wife have and continue to train first responders across the State of Texas in partnership with the First Responder Mental Health Alliance. Mr. Simmons has spent much of his time working in the field of survivor recovery from human sex trafficking. Brian currently serves as the Executive Director of an anti-human trafficking start up investigations company. Since 2016, Brian has also worked in varying capacities with four other non-profits in the battle against sex slavery: 2019-Present (Advisory Board Member for SWAT League); 2019-2020 (Director of Operations for Express Missions International); 2016-2017 (Director of Clinical Care for Valiant Hearts); 2017-2019 (assisting an NGO that was working to rescue women and children from ISIL controlled territory in Iraq & Boko Haram in Africa). Prior to receiving his counseling license in 2010, Brian obtained a Texas Peace Officer Commission in 2001 and served as a full-time law enforcement officer rising to the rank of Lieutenant. During his law enforcement career Brian received specialized training in the following areas: Special Weapons and Tactics, Hostage Negotiations, Mental Health Peace Officer, Field Training Officer, TCOLE Instructor Proficiency, and Forensic Hypnosis; and achieved a Texas Police Officer Master Proficiency Certification. Brian received his Master’s in Counseling from Amberton University and a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science and History from Southern Methodist University. Contact Information: Brian M. Simmons, New Solutions Counseling, PLLC, 2131 E. Kirkwood Blvd. Suite 110 Southlake, TX 76192, 214-226-4206, Email:, Website:

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