trauma informed parenting

April 21, 2018

Don’t Wait, Don’t Rush

Don’t Wait, Don’t Rush Trauma Informed Parenting Making Space to Heal There’s the adopted child who comes to the parent and asks about his before life; the foster child who is anxious to talk about her feelings. Then, there are those who say nothing and ask nothing. Trauma-informed parents don’t […]
August 26, 2019

Stop Leaning, Start Rowing

Speaking the truth in love sometimes means saying nothing. In other words, let your actions do the talking, and learn to learn from those who acted before you. The experiences that come from making your own discovery go much further in remapping your brain and retraining your body than getting […]
October 16, 2019

When Anxiety Continues After Baby is Home from the NICU

Experiencing the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) Having a child in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) can be scary for many parents.  Seeing your child hooked up to monitors, IVs and leads, not knowing what is going to happen to your baby or how you can help, is a […]
October 31, 2019

Is It Ever Easy?

Is parenting hard? I mean, is it hard work? My experience has taught me to not overlook the obvious question; and intentionally ignoring it does not make it go away. Here is the truth about parenting. Every child is worthwhile and every child comes with hard parts. It is those […]


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